Her website tells us that Representative Terri Sewell grew up nurtured in Alabama’s rural Black Belt where she was the first black Valedictorian of Selma High. She later graduated Princeton, Harvard, and Oxford. When she returned to Alabama, she became a three-time elected Representative. Her district includes the great civil rights cities of Selma, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, and Montgomery. Given Election Day is always on a Tuesday, the Congresswoman called for “Restoration Tuesdays,” asking Representatives to take time every Tuesday, while Congress is in session, to build support for the passage of H.R.2867, the Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2015. On the Senate Lawn, she reminded people that the Shelby decision offered a challenge to the Congress when the Justices asked them to devise a modern day formula for the 1965 Act. “The Voting Rights Advancement Act does this and more,” she said. So every Tuesday she wears her red, white and blue #restorethevote pin.