Many Foot Soldiers from “back in the day” joined the fifty thousand who crowded together to see President Barack Obama walk the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Flanking the President were many renowned Foot Soldiers, like the heroes from Bloody Sunday: 103-year old Amelia Boynton Robinson, and Representative John Lewis. Yet, in the massive crowd, cordoned off to the side and away from the main stage where cameras and reporters focused on the famous, were lesser-known Foot Soldiers. They were the ordinary citizens who had marched and demonstrated, without whose courage there never would have been a Movement. Standing next to me, watching the video screen that projected President Obama’s image, and straining to hear what he said, one of these Foot Soldiers shook her head, woefully. She spoke of the terrible time he had with the Congress, and the rise in racism she attributed to his election. “They sure do like to hate on him,” she sighed.